October 12, 2010

Will Write Soon

Greetings from the deep end!
So, as far as "the deep end" goes, I'm in it up to here |................................. :/  For those of you that don't know emoticon language (is that even a word? Yes, language is a word), we were not able to move into our house today after all. I have been planning to write a long series or just one really long blog about the whole process but haven't had a conclusion and want to write it from a finished mindset to keep any negative overtones out of the blog. So, since it isn't over yet, I haven't written yet. I have a plan, just gotta do it. I also have a ton of things going on all at once right now and am having trouble sorting it out and getting it organized. So then, dear friends, have no fear, I will write soon. Once things calm down a bit.

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