October 29, 2010

Air! Air for everyone!!!

Greetings from the deep end!
We have been back in a house for two weeks and a sleep now. It's great. It's beginning to feel more like home and less like a spankin' awesome hotel. I've been cooking again since we finally got the gas hooked up last Friday. I don't know why we ever invented the electric stove. They SUCK!!! Gas is the beez kneez! It cooks hot and fast. When you turn the knob there is instant and even heat. I love it. I love the paved driveway (something we never had in Sheridan). I love the hot running water. I love the carpet space where I can sit on the floor and stretch and tackle Xander and play and have fun. I love that the kids each have their own room, far far away from mine. I love that I have my bed back.

What I think I love the most though, is the air. We had been in the house for a couple of days when I found myself sitting in the living room. For no good reason, I took a deep breath. It tasted good so I took another. It tasted good too. I took a few more. Each tasted as good as the last. Then I started taking normal sized breaths again as I did not want to pass out. What I realized from this little psychotic episode is that air tastes good. Correction, clean, not-pre-breathed or shared air, tastes good. I realized that while we were living in the RV we had been sharing the same breath for 4 months. I would take the breath then pass it to Xander who would pass it to Aryll who would pass it to Pam who would then, in turn, pass it back to me. After the same breath has been breathed a few million times it tends to lose it's flavor, it's crispness, it's ability to give life.

I am now convinced that we never actually slept in the RV. Instead, we just passed the breath around until it lost all O2 and we passed out. I don't share this to make anyone feel bad that they spent the summer breathing nice clean, crisp, non circulated air while the Brown family shared one single worn out puff of exhausted air for 4 months. I share this so that the average person, the person who hasn't spent 4 months living in an RV can appreciate air for the clean, crisp, life giving substance that it is. I am simply sharing perspective. Take a deep breath, enjoy it, then take one for me. Tastes good doesn't it?

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