April 6, 2010

Iudono waynana nstufff.

Greetings from the deep end!

So, I've been trying to write this one particular story about me being a tech-nerd for about five days now. It was going to be about my new phone and I was going to make jokes about how proud of myself I am that I can be both a tech-nerd and cheap. It didn't happen. I must have written over a thousand words and deleted them all out of frustration because they were neither funny nor were they saying what I wanted them to say. Have you ever tried to say something and "ludono waynana nstufff" comes out? I have. In fact, it wasn't until this morning that I realized that I hadn't updated my Facebook status for over three days. I only change my status when I have something important to say or something particular witty to share. I have had nothing going through my mind since Saturday afternoon.

I don't know what the average person would do in my position but I certainly know what I would do…FREAK OUT!!! So that's what I did. My mother and a friend from Florida talked me down and reminded me that the cause of my current insanity is that I have a newborn baby. Whew, this is normal behavior. Wait a minute!?! THIS IS NORMAL BEHAVIOR!?! Ok, ok. I can accept that, I can accept that I will completely be neurologically shot for a while as a direct effect of having a new kid in the casa. That, however, does not explain the rest of the time. Sure I haven't slept properly since winter camp (four weeks ago) but I should be used to that by now. I'm freaked out here people. I have no idea what to do with myself. Oh well, I guess I'll just hang on Sloopy until my brain comes back. Have a good night people, I am going to go read a good book and take a nap.

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